How to earn free Boom Beach diamonds on all devices

When you are also playing Boom Beach on your smartphone or tablet you will know how important items are. Basically every gamer needs diamonds and other items to become successful in this game. If you want to get even a higher level and get better equipment you need lots of diamonds.


There is only one problem. Getting this items can be really expensive. You can’t really rely on the gameplay, since it will take many hours, days and weeks to get a decent amount of items. At first it was a big problem for the gaming community, especially in this popular iOS and Android game Boom Beach. After some time some developer and cheater were having Skype conferences on how to cheat and hack on Boom Beach. They had a mission: It should be not only free to play, but it also should be equal for everyone. Of course a boy from Pakistan not have the same chances to become successful in the game like a boy from UK. Money shouldn’t have any impact on this game and since Diamonds have to be bought with real money – it had a very big impact.

The Boom Beach hack for iOS and Android changed a lot. Everyone is using it and I am sure also your friends are using it. Within a few minutes you can transfer an amount as high as you want on your account. It doesn’t matter anymore how old you are, how much money you have or where you come from. Normally I don’t like cheating or hacking on games, but the Boom Beach hack is good for the people. Try the cheats and hack for Boom beach now on


If you need any help on how to use it we are referring to the YouTube video they were posting. Since this hack tool is full in german some englishman would have some problem. Otherwise we can recommend you to translate the website to english with the help of Google Translator. Don’t let anything come between you and this hack, because it is really worthful for every gamer out there. If you love to play Boom beach this cheat engine is an absolutely must have for you. Well, at least you should take a look on


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